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Meet The Team

Simon Barker

Founder, Editor & Lawn Care Expert

After majoring in Agriculture at Ohio State University, Simon’s built up extensive experience over his 10+ years in the industry.

When it comes to GrowYourYard.com, Simon’s vision was to help all skill levels of gardeners get the most out of their yard!

He specializes in lawn care and has helped hundreds of his clients get as close to the perfect lawn as possible.

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Sophia Rogers

Senior Editor and Lifetime Gardener

Sophia is a lifetime gardener who has a wealth of knowledge to get onto the web.

Besides writing for Grow Your Yard and gardening, Sophia spends the rest of the time working with her husband on their farm. She’s also an occasional special guest at a local horticulture club.

Email Sophia: [email protected]

Claire Jacobs

Succulent Specialist

As you can expect, Claire is absolutely obsessed with succulents (in a healthy way, of course!).

She’s got over 25 years of experience as a gardener, specializing in succulents.

She’s also a licensed Yoga instructor and a freelance social media expert.

Email Claire: [email protected]

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