Author: Simon Barker

can you eat the mushrooms in your backyard

Can You Eat the Mushrooms in Your Backyard? [Spoiler: NO!]

If you’ve ever noticed a “fairy ring” or large cluster of mushrooms pop up in your lawn seemingly overnight, you may have wondered if they’re similar to the mushrooms you find in the store, and whether they’re edible. Can you harvest and cook those mushrooms, or are they dangerous? While […]

how to get rid of mushrooms in your backyard

How to Get Rid of Mushrooms In Your Backyard!

It’s been raining the past few days, but the sun has finally broken out again. The morning after a rainstorm, you walk outside to enjoy the morning air only to find a ring of mushrooms has emerged overnight! Should you be concerned? Do the mushrooms pose a threat to the […]

are pre emergent herbicides safe

Are Pre-Emergent Herbicides Safe? [When & How To Use Them]

Pre-emergent herbicides are chemical products used to control weeds both residentially and commercially. They don’t harm pre-established plants, rather they target seeds and stop them from germinating. The question is whether or not they are safe: Pre-emergent herbicides are chemicals and are often considered harsh, but studies show that they […]

why do water bugs come out in the summer

Why Do Water Bugs Come Out In The Summer?

Everyone loves summer, with its beautiful weather and all the outdoor activities to take part in. But the warmer weather also brings insects, particularly water bugs. If you’re unlucky, it may seem like your home is completely taken over almost overnight. Why is this? So, why does it seem like […]


2021’s 5 Best Pre-Emergent Herbicides [Reviews & Recommendations]

Pre-emergent herbicides are the first line of defense when it comes to safeguarding your lawn from pest species like crabgrass, purslane, dandelion, thistle, chickweed and more. Applying pre-emergent herbicide is also a step in the right direction for lawns currently struggling with ridding weeds and unwanted grass species. Read on […]

are crab apples poisonous to dogs

Are Crab Apples Poisonous to Dogs?

You’re a responsible dog owner who wants to keep your pup safe from foods and plants that may be dangerous to them. That’s harder than it seems, and takes a lot of diligence and care, especially if your dog is the curious type! If you’ve got a crab apple tree […]

how deep do grass roots grow

How Deep Do Grass Roots Grow? 

Everyone wants a lush, beautiful, weed-free lawn in the summer. But how do you get there? The roots of your lawn are working hard under the soil, long before you can see new growth, to create a thick and strong cover of grass in the summer. To do that, the […]

Does Grass Seed Go Bad? [Prevent Your Seed Expiring]

Spreading grass seed is a great way to expand or thicken up the lawn. It’s affordable, easy to use, and has a rather high success rate. The question is, does grass seed go bad? Grass seed goes bad in approximately three years, even if it is stored properly. Some types […]