Can You Use Black Kow as Potting Soil? [Explained]

is black kow a good potting soil

If you visit the garden store often, like us, then we’re sure you’ve seen Black Kow on the shelves.

After hearing some good reviews, it’s only natural that you want to give Black Kow a try. But what product should you try first, and can you use Black Kow as potting soil?

Black Kow’s Black Velvet Planting Soil is an ideal potting soil, but you can also combine their Top Soil with the Mature Manure to create a potting soil for trees and shrubs.

Black Kow has a small range of products that are useful for different applications, so it’s important to know what each one is appropriate for. Luckily, their multi-use range is designed to work well with one another.

This article is going to discuss each one of Black Kow’s products and help you pick the right one to use as potting soil.

Grow Your Yard Tip
If you want your roses to bloom beautifully, then using Black Kow Mature Manure compost is a must! 

What is Black Kow?

Black Kow is a brand of potting soil and organic soil amendments based out of Oxford, Florida.

The brand is run by a small team that is dedicated to producing quality growth mediums for the home gardener. They have also donated their products to many community gardens in their area to promote the love of gardening and growing your own food.

Black Kow sells four main products:

1.   Black Kow Mature Manure

The Mature Manure is one of the most popular products from Black Kow.

It is made from 100% organic cow manure that has been composted to prevent the unpleasant smell associated with regular manure.

This product has ten times more nutrients than most garden soil, so it is an excellent food source for your plants. The slow-release system means that the roots can comfortably absorb the nutrients without the roots burning.

In sandy soil, the Mature Manure will improve moisture retention, while in clay soil, it will improve aeration and regulate moisture levels. It really is a product that will be beneficial to all soil types.

2.   Mushroom Compost

This is a specialized compost created using the soil from growing mushrooms.

The soil is used to grow mushrooms just once. Then, once the mushrooms have been harvested, their soil is composted, bagged, and sold to home gardeners as a nutrient-rich soil amendment. It is best used when mixed with your soil or as a top dressing for potted plants.

3.   Black Kow Topsoil

This topsoil is an organic material made from the Florida peat deposit.

It works perfectly as a top dressing for lawns or as a fill for any bare spots. It can also be mixed with the Mushroom Compost or Mature Manure to create a rich planting medium with a great texture that can be used in container gardens, pot plants, or raised beds.

4.   Black Velvet Planting Soil

The Black Velvet Planting Soil is Black Kow’s all-purpose soil option that pairs very well with their soil amendment products.

The soil is loose in texture for easy root penetration and provides a long-lasting food source for your container plants. It works very well when combined with the Mature Manure or Mushroom Compost.

The Black Velvet Planting Soil is suitable for pot plants and raised beds.

Can You Use Black Kow as Potting Soil?

You can use the Black Kow Black Velvet Planting Soil as potting soil.

From our outline above, it is clear that Black Kow was a wide range of products that are all suitable for different uses. However, they are also suitable to be used together.

The Black Velvet Planting Soil is the most suited for use as potting soil, but it can be combined with the other products to create your own blend. For example, you can mix the Black Velvet Planting soil with the Mature Manure or the Mushroom Compost to add extra nutrients to the soil for your plants.

You can also mix your own potting soil using a combination of the Mature Manure and Black Top Soil that is ideal for growing trees and shrubs.

If you are planting houseplants, we also recommend using the Black Kow Mature Manure as a planting medium on its own it is very nutrient-rich.

Grow Your Yard Tip
Using Black Kow can help your gardening be more sustainable by reducing the need for water and feeding your plants naturally for three months with no odor.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use cow manure as potting soil?

Cow manure is often used as a soil additive to add nutrients to your soil, but it is also possible to use it as a growth medium for some houseplants.

We prefer to use a combination of manure and potting soil (Black Kow’s Mature Manure and Balck Velvet Planting Soil) to create the perfect blend to grow your plants in.

Can too much cow manure hurt plants?

Even though it is nutrient-rich and great for your soil, too much cow manure can have adverse effects.

Too much cow manure can lead to nitrate leaching, abnormal vegetable growth, and nutrient run-off.

Which plants do not like manure?

When it comes to manure, certain plants can experience burns from some types of manure. These plants include root vegetables like carrots, radishes, potatoes, and beetroot.

However, if the manure is composted, it will not burn these crops.


Black Kow is an excellent garden brand with products that will help your garden thrive. The various products combine perfectly with one another to create the ideal growing situation for all your plants.

If you are looking for new potting soil, we recommend the Black Kow Black Velvet Planting Soil. If you are growing trees or shrubs, you can also use the Black Kow Top Soil combined with the Mature Manure to create potting soil.

If you like their potting soil, then we suggest trying out some of their other products to help your garden grow at its best.


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