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how to lower ph in your soil
Lawn Care

How to Lower pH in Soil: Why, When, and How?

Sometimes, we gardeners encounter issues with our plants that we can’t entirely solve above ground. That’s when we need to look below and discover if something is happening in the earth itself. Upon investigation, you may discover that your soil pH is too high, in which case you will need […]

modern rock garden ideas

14 Modern Rock Garden Ideas [Amazing Ideas & Pics!]

Rock gardens are experiencing a revival as people look for better low-maintenance garden ideas. The modern rock garden uses rocks to define garden areas but you can also add interest with their varying heights, shapes and sizes. Plants like ornamental grasses and ground covers can be added around the rocks […]

what does 20 20 20 fertilizer mean
Lawn Care

What Does 20 20 20 Fertilizer Mean?

When it comes to growing a lovely thick, green lawn, you want to apply the best possible fertilizer to keep your grass growing strongly. But, are you confused about which fertilizer you should be using? Or, do you look at a fertilizer pack and wonder what the 20:20:20 actually means. […]