5 Spartan Mower Problems: Common Issues & Fixes

spartan mower problems

Spartan mowers are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a durable and reliable lawn mower. However, as with any heavy-duty machine, they can sometimes experience problems.

The most common Spartan mower problems are uneven cuts, problems starting the mower, which are often down to the LCD console, and problems with the gauges.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most common spartan mower problems and how to fix them. We hope this information will help you keep your spartan mower running smoothly all season long!

5 Most Common Spartan Mower Problems

1. Uneven & Inconsistent Cuts

One of the most common spartan mower problems is uneven or inconsistent cutting. A few things can cause this, but the most common are a dull blade, a clogged deck, or improper blade adjustment.

To fix this problem, regularly sharpen or replace your blades and clear any debris from the deck. Additionally, check that your blade height is correctly adjusted for your lawn; many uneven cutting issues we’ve come across are user errors, as opposed to spartan mower problems.

You’ll also want to keep an eye on the tension of the deck belt. Over time the belt can start slipping; make sure it’s tight enough, and I’d recommend regular checks, especially before a big cut – you don’t want to go over your wonky lawn stripes!

2. Problems Starting The Mower

Another common spartan mower problem, or mower problems in general, is difficulty starting the machine. A few things can cause this, but often it’s just a dirty air filter or old spark plug, and if you own a mower as serious as a Spartan, I’m sure you’re aware of general maintenance like that.

We have dealt with a few interesting situations where it was the LCD display causing the lawn mower not to start. A handful of our clients have been able to get around half an hour of mowing, but it then suddenly cuts out. When trying to restart it, no luck.

Replacing the LCD console fixed the problem, but the same thing happened again. This was interesting and ultimately led us down the route of faulty circuit boards causing the issue, with poor grounding being the problem.

Definitely one to be aware of should you get a similar issue, and worth mentioning to your Spartan dealer should you find yourself on the phone to them with this issue!

3. Intermittent Cutting Out

Several users have reported intermittent cutting out or stalling. This can happen for a few reasons, but often it’s just a dirty carburetor or clogged fuel filter.

Unless your LCD console has gone.. everything else should be an easy fix!

If the mower is running hot, give it some time to cool down, ensure the power is off, and then give the carburetor a clean, check the fuel filters, and remove any other debris you may find. You’ll hopefully be ready to get back to striping!

4. Noisy Deck

One problem we come across occasionally for Spartan mowers is a noisy deck. This can be caused by a few things, but often it’s just debris or buildup in the spindle housing that needs to be cleaned out.

Less likely, but I’ve seen it. Are the blades actually coming loose, if the blade comes out of its housing, it can cause a tremendous noise. If that happens, obviously, you need to immediately stop mowing and get everything back into place.

If tightening the blades doesn’t work, you’re looking at a potential bearing issue.

5. Problem Gauges

This is a common but annoying issue to be faced with. You’ve filled up your gas tank, and you know it’s full, you can see it’s full, but the fuel gauge is only showing a partially filled gas tank.

We’ve encountered similar problems with the air gauge not reporting accurate tire pressure readings.

Unless you really know what you’re doing, this is one for the dealership, as it’s a bit of a tricky one to repair. Hopefully, you’ll have this covered under your warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What engine is on a Spartan mower?

Spartan mowers use either Kohler or Briggs & Stratton engines.

What is the warranty on a Spartan mower?

Spartan offers a three-year limited warranty for residential use and a one-year limited warranty for commercial use.

What is factory code for a Spartan mower?

The factory code for a spartan mower is the last four digits of the serial number. This can be found on the machine’s identification plate.

How long do Spartan Mowers last?

Spartan mowers are designed for long-lasting durability, but the length of time they last will vary depending on usage and maintenance. Generally, spartan mowers can last anywhere from ten to fifteen years or more with proper care.


Spartan are what I’d call a “proper outfit”; they offer fantastic customer service and quality products. When you’re dealing with mowers in this price bracket, you’ll always come into a few problems as there is just so much going on under the hood.

I’m a massive fan of Spartan and would recommend their products.

But please, always remember to keep up with general maintenance and cleaning. It will save you so much pain in the long run! And if things do go wrong, make sure to contact your spartan dealer for assistance. Happy mowing!

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