When Does Lavender Bloom? [Blooming Seasons Explained]

when does lavender bloom

Lavender is a stunning plant that makes a huge statement in any home garden. It’s also an infinitely useful plant, with many growers utilizing its fragrant qualities for food, soaps, beauty products, and so much more. Every lavender grower should have an idea of lavender bloom time and when to expect those signature purple spikes to arrive!

So, when does lavender bloom? While there are slight variations between different lavender plant varieties, lavender is considered a summer-blooming plant, with many plants beginning their blooming season in the late spring and reblooming again in the late summer. Some will even continuously bloom all through the summer!

Check out this article to learn more about which lavender plants bloom when, as well as the length of the lavender blooming season and tips for harvesting lavender at the right time.

Lavender Varieties and Their Blooming Seasons

There are over 45 species and over 450 varieties of lavender, each with their own features and growing patterns. Check out this chart to see the blooming seasons for some of the most common species:

Lavender Variety Uses Blooming Period(s)
Lavandula Stoechas (Spanish Lavender) Grown for its fragrant, silvery leaves and used in teas, tinctures, and in cleaning products. First blooms in May, second bloom in June, and another flush in the late summer or early fall
Lavandula Angustifolia (Common Lavender) Used in aromatherapy to relieve headaches, insomnia, and anxiety. Generally blooms in June and July, lasting about 3-4 weeks. May bloom a second time if harvested quickly.
Lavandula Dentata (French Lavender) While not generally used in cooking, it is used to make teas and sometimes used for baking. Blooms in the early spring and continues to bloom well into the summer with proper pruning.
Lavandula x Intermedia (Hybrid Lavender) Mainly grown for commercial uses in essential oils and other fragrant products. Flowers in the late summer, mainly July and August.
Grow Your Yard Tip
Consider what you want to get out of your lavender crop when choosing the variety you’ll grow. Do you want a plant with a bountiful harvest and multiple blooming cycles per season? You’ll want to go with a continuously blooming variety like the Spanish Lavender. Do you simply want to enjoy the blooms as they grow? You’ll be better off with Common Lavender.

How can I keep my lavender blooming?

  1. Keep your lavender in full sun. Sunlight is perhaps the most important factor in maintaining your blooms since even small amounts of shade can cause the plant to grow smaller and will have fewer blooms overall.
  2. Do not overwater your lavender. Lavender flourishes best in areas with little humidity and well-draining soil. Too much water can easily affect the quality of your blooms, but it can also risk killing your plants due to root rot.
  3. Prune back dead blooms frequently. Since lavender plants can continue flourishing well through the summer, keep trimming the dead heads to leave room for even more lovely blooms throughout the season.
  4. Avoid surrounding your plants with humidity or moisture. Position the plants with enough room for air to circulate and use low to medium fertility soil that drains quickly. If you live in a humid climate, choose a hardier variety that can stand up to the climate, like Spanish or English lavender.

In what month do you harvest lavender?

While we know that many lavender varieties begin to bloom in the months of May and June, it may surprise you to learn that you should actually harvest the plant long before the blooms have fully opened.

Your first lavender harvest should be in the early spring when only about half of the buds have bloomed. This gives the plants ample time to regrow for another beautiful blooming season in the late summer!

Of course, you don’t have to harvest the lavender if you don’t want to, and you can enjoy a full bloom in the late spring and perhaps another one in the late summer. But if you plan on growing the lavender for use in food or other projects, you’ll want to harvest at least the first batch.

Grow Your Yard Tip
To properly harvest lavender, simply snip off the ends just as the flowers are beginning to open. Gather the amount you want, then tie the ends of the stems together and hang them up somewhere to dry. The fragrance will last the rest of the season!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does a lavender plant live?

Generally speaking, you can expect a healthy lavender plant to grow for around 15 seasons. However, longevity heavily depends on the growing environment and whether it gets enough sunlight and the right amount of water.

Should lavender be pruned?

Lavender should absolutely be pruned about once a year. In fact, annual pruning is an important step in ensuring that the plant grows back healthy, with an even better bloom the following year.

In addition, by cutting off the dead heads of the blooms in the first flush, you leave room for another burst of blooms later in the season!

How many times a year does lavender bloom?

While it depends on the species of lavender, you can expect your plants to bloom at least once in the spring, with a second flush somewhere in the late summer or early fall. You can encourage new growth by harvesting the first flush or pruning it back after it dies out.

Does lavender bloom all summer?

Lavender produces flowers throughout the summer months. However, the peak flowering period is typically from late spring to early summer. Deadheading (removing spent flowers) can encourage additional blooming later in the season. For continuous bloom, it is best to grow a variety of lavender cultivars that bloom at different times.

How long does lavender bloom?

Lavender blooms from late spring to early summer. Depending on the variety, some lavenders will bloom earlier or later than others. When does english lavender bloom? English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) typically blooms in mid- to late June. When does french lavender bloom? French lavender (Lavandula stoechas) often blooms in early to mid-July.


While lavender is beautiful and makes a striking decorative plant, it’s also incredibly useful. If you plan to grow this lovely and functional plant it’s important to be aware of the exact blooming period, the length of the bloom, and when the perfect time to harvest is. It takes a little bit of planning to know the exact variety you want to grow and when you plan on harvesting.

So, when do lavenders bloom? It’s best to harvest the first bloom in the early spring when the buds are only beginning to open up, but if you simply wish to enjoy the natural beauty of the plant, choose a later-blooming variety. And remember, with proper maintenance, pruning and deadheading, you can encourage lush and abundant lavender blooms all season long!

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