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when does lavender bloom

When Does Lavender Bloom? [Blooming Seasons Explained]

Lavender is a stunning plant that makes a huge statement in any home garden. It’s also an infinitely useful plant, with many growers utilizing its fragrant qualities for food, soaps, beauty products, and so much more. Every lavender grower should have an idea of when to expect those signature purple […]

are pre emergent herbicides safe
Lawn Care

Are Pre-Emergent Herbicides Safe? [When & How To Use Them]

Pre-emergent herbicides are chemical products used to control weeds both residentially and commercially. They don’t harm pre-established plants, rather they target seeds and stop them from germinating. The question is whether or not they are safe: Pre-emergent herbicides are chemicals and are often considered harsh, but studies show that they […]

is broccoli man made
House Plants

Is Broccoli Man-Made? [Myth Busting!]

It is time for a myth busting blog post because there are many false notions going around about wonderful broccoli. Rumor has it that broccoli is GMO but that is not true. Broccoli is artifically selected from a wild growing cabbage variety called Brassica oleracea which is thought to originate […]

can you use regular potting soil for succulents

Can You Use Regular Potting Soil for Succulents?

Check out my succulent soil for beginners guide. It covers everything you need to know about preparing and layering soil for happy, plump and growing succulents. Regular potting soil works perfectly for succulents since they don’t need any special high nutrient soil. As long as the soil drains well, your […]