Best Potting Soil For Snake Plants: Our 2023 Recommendations!

best potting soil for snake plants

Snake plants are stunning hardy plants that are great for beginners. If you get their soil and watering right, this plant can last you up to 25 year!

So, if the soil is so important, you might be asking yourself; what soil is best for snake plants?

In short, the best potting soil for snake plants should be light, loamy soil with good drainage with added elements such as coir or perlite and sand to create air pockets and help with drainage.

Whether they live in a pot or outside in a garden bed, snake plants are at their happiest when their soil is not densely packed and hanging onto a lot of moisture.

In this article, we’re going to be diving into the world of snake plants to discover exactly what they need in their soil to grow at their best as well as suggesting you some soil products that we think are perfect for the job.

Grow Your Yard Fact
Did you know that snake plants can flower? Under the right conditions and with the right nutrients, snake plants can bloom with delicate white flowers with long stamens.

What Soil Conditions Do Snake Plants Like?

In a lot of ways, snake plants are really easy to handle, especially when it comes to their light needs and how little watering they require.

The one key factor to get right with your snake plants is the right soil.

The number one reason for a lot of snake plants woes is overwatering and the soil you use can have a significant effect on that. If the soil doesn’t drain correctly it will hold onto a lot of water and cause problems like root rot, mushy leaves and wilting. This could end up killing your snake plant so getting it right is important.

So what conditions do they like most?

This soil should only be watered once the top 2-3 inches have dried out and not a minute sooner, if in doubt, leave it a little longer.

Grow Your Yard Tip
Snake plants are unique because they are stemless plants. Instead of the firm leaves growing from a stem, they all grow from a creeping rhizome under the surface of the soil.

The Best Soil for Snake Plants

Now that we’ve had a look at what snakes plants need to thrive, let’s take a look at some specific soil that we recommend for them.

First, you need to decide whether you will be keeping your snake plants inside or outside. This is totally dependent on your climate and what space you have available to you.

Once you have decided, you will need to choose the right soil to suit the situation.

If you are keen on planting your snake plants in pots inside then we recommend:

Miracle-Gro Cactus, Palm, and Citrus Potting Mix

Miracle-Gro Potting Mix (Indoor Soil)
  • Grows Plants Twice as Big (vs. unfed plants)
  • Feeds up to 6 months
  • More blooms for more color (vs. unfed plants)
  • For indoor and outdoor container plants
  • For use in containers.

Miracle-Gro has a mix that is great for planting snake plants inside. It has been specifically designed for succulents and for encouraging good drainage.

This mix is ideal because:

  • Fast drain formula
  • Enriched with plant food
  • Contain forest products
  • Contains sand
  • Contains perlite for aeration

This soil should be paired with a sturdy plastic pot with a drainage tray beneath is so any excess water has somewhere to go. It is essential that you stick with plastic because snake plants have very robust roots that can crack a ceramic pot when they grow too large.

On the other hand, if you want to plant your snake plants outside we recommend:

Miracle-Gro Garden Soil Cactus, Palm, and Citrus

Miracle-Gro Garden Soil (Outdoor Soil)
  • Moisture control protects against over or under watering
  • Builds strong roots
  • Contains iron and bone meal
  • Feeds up to 3 months
  • For in-ground use Only

Yet again, Miracle-Gro has a product that is specially designed for planting succulents like snake plants outside and helping them thrive.

  • Moisture control formula to protect from over and under watering
  • Feeds the plants for up to 3 months
  • Contains iron and bone meal for strong root growth
  • Requires 0,1 bag per 12 inch hole

This soil should create the ideal starting point for your snake plants that you can top up every three months to boost the nutrients. We do suggest, however, that you only plant your snake plants outside if you get infrequent rain and no frost in your area. This can spell death for your poor snake plants.

Grow Your Yard Tip
Snake plants can grow to crazy heights if they are in the right conditions. If you get it right your snake plants can grow up to 8 feet tall!

Why Do Snake Plants Need Such a Specific Mix?

Snake plants are a little fussy about their soil, as we’ve seen so far. So what exactly makes this soil so good for snake plants and other succulents and why is it important?

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients and what they are for.

Ingredient Function
Forest products Soil made from decomposed organic products will be rich in nutrients
Plant food Supplies the plants with important minerals and nutrients to grow strong
Sand Keeps the soil light and well drained
Perlite/Coir Aerates the soil and helps it drain

From this table you can see that, when it comes to snake plants, soil quality is all about drainage and a little extra nutrients to help them grow tall and strong.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use succulent soil for snake plants?

Yes, you can.

Snake plants are actually succulents that are part of the agave family so they will thrive in the same kind of soil as other succulents. The two products that we have recommended can also be used for other succulents and cacti.

Can snake plants grow in sand?

Yes but they can’t grow in sand alone.

Although sand has the idea drainage for snake plants, its won’t necessarily have the nutrients they need to grow tall and strong with a good root system. That’s why we suggest soil with added nutrients and a loamy texture with sand as an additive.


So, at the end of the day, snake plants love light and loamy soil that has really great drainage and a little sand in the mix for aeration.

The perfect soil can be obtained by picking the best soil product to pot your snake plant in and picking the right pot and drainage tray to make sure that the soil is not hanging onto any excess water.

If you get these simple soil specifications right and water very infrequently then your snake plants are going to be in heaven! It just takes a little know how and a little love and care to have every plant flourishing in the perfect conditions.

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