Author: Sophia Rogers

is cauliflower man made

Is Cauliflower Man Made? [Fact or Fiction]

Cauliflower is a vegetable that has probably graced all of our dinner tables at some point. It’s a strange-looking vegetable that looks out of this world but have you ever wondered about its origins? After some research, we discovered that cauliflowers can’t be found in the wild, which got us […]

companion plants for raspberries

5 Companion Plants for Raspberries [Grow Amazing Berries!]

Is there anything so satisfying as popping a fresh, homegrown raspberry into your mouth and experiencing a flavor explosion? We don’t think so. However, before you go out and buy yourself your own raspberry plant to harvest, you might want to consider adding some companion plants to your shopping list. […]

are rubber plants toxic to cats

Are Rubber Plants Toxic to Cats? [You MUST Read This!]

Rubber plants are yet another house plant that has become incredibly trendy recently. Their height and dramatic shiny leaves make a striking statement in any room. So, after seeing them all over social media, you may be tempted to add one of these beautiful ornamental plants to your collection. However, […]

how much light do snake plants need

How Much Light Do Snakes Plants Need?

I’m sure we’ve all seen a happy little snake plant living in a dark corner of a bathroom absolutely thriving. Now, most plants in this situation would very soon wilt but snake plants are something special. The real question is how much light do snake plants need? Snake plants can […]

why is my money tree dying

Why Is My Money Tree Dying? [Common Reasons & Fixes!]

If you’ve been caring for a money tree and have noticed that its leaves are turning brown, it’s possible that your tree is dying. Money trees are beautiful plants to have in your home or office, but they do require some care and maintenance. There are several issues which can […]