How Long Should I Water My Lawn With An Oscillating Sprinkler?

How long should I Water My Lawn With An Oscillating Sprinkler

On average you want to use an oscillating sprinkler to water your lawn once or twice a week for an hour. Although keep in mind that it depends on what the climate of your environment is to know how long you should water your lawn with an oscillating sprinkler. 

In the rest of this article you will learn all you need to know about how long you should water your lawn and roughly how much water an oscillating sprinkler releases on average so that you can have the most pristine lawn in your neighborhood!

How long should you water your lawn with your oscilating sprinkler?

The length of time in which your lovingly water your lawn with your oscillating sprinkler really depends on where you live. If it’s a very hot place, you water it twice a week for an hour-hour and a half. If it’s a wet place, you could probably skip out on using an oscillating sprinkler.

How much water does an oscillating sprinkler release?

On average, an oscillating sprinkler releases roughly 1 inch of water per hour. Your lawn generally needs 1-1.5 inches of water per week. You should consider if your lawn is already getting this from the rain to prevent overwatering.

How do you prevent overwatering your lawn?

Using an oscillating sprinkler is the first step to success in preventing the overwatering of your lawn. This is because an oscillating sprinkler has a specially designed sprinkler head to distribute your water throughout your lawn. Generally, you’d only have to water it a couple of times a week unless the climate is dryer.

What is the best oscillating sprinkler for your lawn?

According to our research, the Melnor brand oscillating sprinklers have been ranked in the top three spots for best lawn sprinklers to use for your yard. Melnor 65074-AMZ XT Turbo, Melnor XT Metal Turbo, and Melnor 65048-AMZ have all proven to be easy to use and durable.

What to consider before buying an oscillating sprinkler!

Even for your everyday lawn enthusiast, the options offered when shopping for an oscillating sprinkler can be head spinning. Your lawn and garden are what take precedent! Here are some of the most important things to think about:

  • What’s the size of your lawn? You want to make sure the oscillating sprinkler you choose can give you maximum coverage!
  • How even is its water distribution? You want to make sure that your oscillating sprinkler isn’t stopping for long periods of time in one spot or your lawn will die a watery death! Check out oscillating sprinklers that have timers.
  • What’s the warranty? If your love your lawn, or have children, chances are you’ll be using the heck out of your oscillating sprinkler. If this is the case, be sure to have a good warranty.
  • Check the reviews! We have a wonderful global community that puts lawn enthusiast experts at our fingertips! Do your research and check out what others are saying about the oscillating sprinkler you have your eye on!

Why isn’t your oscillating sprinkler watering your lawn?

Your oscillating sprinkler might not be watering your lawn for a couple of reasons. Either it is broken, in which case check your warranty. Another reason why it might not be watering your lawn is that it lacks the water pressure needed to water your lawn.

Can you adjust your oscillating sprinkler for your lawn?

There are many fancy oscillating sprinklers on the market today that will allow you to manually adjust your watering. For older types of oscillating sprinklers, you can try changing the water pressure at your hose tap, as well as moving your sprinkler periodically around your lawn.

Why should you use an oscillating sprinkler?

Oscillating sprinklers give you a better and more controlled watering of your lawn. This means that you avoid your grass dying by the sun’s rays, but also avoid your yard from turning into a watery swamp.

Is it bad to use an oscillating sprinkler for your lawn?

Oscillating sprinklers are bad for your lawn per se, but they’re fairly redundant if you’re living in a place that often sees rain.

Is the pressure of your oscillating sprinkler right for your lawn?

In all honesty, if your lawn is teeny-tiny, you don’t need a high pressured oscillating sprinkler. That being said, if your lawn is huge, you’re going to need that extra oomph to help make sure your lawn isn’t dying of thirst.

Grow Your Yard Tip
  • Make sure that you water your lawn before 10 am in the morning or between 4-6 pm ( however, the evening should be your last resort). These are optimal times for the roots of your grass to soak up the moisture
  • Avoid watering in the mid-afternoon sun, or else it can singe your grass. If you water in the evening, make sure your grass is nice and dry before the temperature drops for the night.
  • If you have multiple oscillating sprinklers for a large lawn, be sure they don’t overlap their watering.
  • Raise your oscillating sprinkler slightly higher than the rest of your lawn. This will make sure the grass doesn’t interfere with the watering of the rest of your lawn.
  • Check the soil of your lawn! If your soil is hard and dry, it will need more time to soak up all the water. If you don’t give it enough time, you might be tempted to overwater it

What is the best climate to use an oscillating sprinkler?

Your oscillating sprinkler will be most effective for your lawn if you’re in a warmer climate that requires a watering system due to a lack of natural rainfall. That being said, depending on where you might only need to water your lawn in the warm seasons.

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