How To Dispose of Roundup Safely [4 Important Steps]

how to dispose of roundup

During the summer months, we all enjoy a bit of yard work, and with that, comes the inevitable battle with the yearly weeds.  There are hundreds of weed killing products out there, but one of the most popular is Roundup.

To dispose of Roundup, there may be a tendency to pour the unused chemicals down a drain, sink or toilet but that can both harm living things in waterways and toxic fumes can be created, should the Roundup mix with another chemical.

How To Dispose of Roundup

To safely dispose of roundup you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Pour an inch or 2 of water into the bottle.
  2. Put the cap back on and thoroughly rinse the bottle.
  3. Remove the cap and empty the water out onto waste land (stones, pebbles, gravel, tarmac) preferably somewhere you don’t want any growth.
  4. Once that’s done, seal the bottle back up and dispose of it through your local waste authority.
Roundup can mix with other chemicals and create toxic fumes. Never mix Roundup with other pesticides or chemicals and never throw it away with your normal household waste or recycling.

Americans spay 1.8 millions tons of glyphosate (Roundup) a year!

Across the world, 9.4 million tons has been sprayed onto agricultural fields.. that’s the equivalent to the weight of water in more than 2,300 olympic-size swimming pools!!

Whatever the statistics say, it’s clear to see we use a staggering amount of Roundup, so anything we can do to ensure we dispose of it safely, the better for our environment.

Why You Must Be Careful With Roundup

Roundup is a mix of chemicals designed to target the weeds in your yard, one of the main chemicals used is the herbicide glyphosate.

It’s potentially a highly toxic chemical that has actually been linked to cause cancer, in 2018 a Californian who’d used Roundup for years was awarded $289 million against the company after it was found Roundup was the cause of his cancer.

However, there’s very little scientific evidence whether the average person who uses Roundup for some general yard maintenance is at risk, obviously, you need to be careful when using the product, wear long sleeves, gloves and a mask, but there’s no need to rush down to your shed and throw out all your Roundup now!

Alternative Ways To Dispose of Roundup

Share Roundup With Your Friends & Family.

Using the entire the bottle safely in your yard would remove the risk of releasing dangerous chemicals out into the environment and remove any temptation to wash it down a drain!

Check For Local Removal Services.

Simply hop onto Google, and search for “local herbicide removal services” and contact a professional to come and collect the unwanted Roundup for them to dispose of safely and professionally.

Pro Tip
Never pour Roundup down your sink, toilet, or drain. Roundup harms living things in the waterways.


Roundup is an excellent weed killer, but like all chemicals, you need to treat it carefully. When washing out a used bottle, it’s essential to pour out the water away from where children or pets may walk, ideally pouring it onto waste land and allowing it to dry.

Avoid any Roundup contact on your skin, try not to inhale any fumes and you’ll have safely created a weed free yard in no time at all.

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