Author: Claire Jacobs

is broccoli man made

Is Broccoli Man-Made? [Myth Busting!]

It is time for a myth busting blog post because there are many false notions going around about wonderful broccoli. Rumor has it that broccoli is GMO but that is not true. Broccoli is artifically selected from a wild growing cabbage variety called Brassica oleracea which is thought to originate […]

can you use regular potting soil for succulents

Can You Use Regular Potting Soil for Succulents?

Check out my succulent soil for beginners guide. It covers everything you need to know about preparing and layering soil for happy, plump and growing succulents. Regular potting soil works perfectly for succulents since they don’t need any special high nutrient soil. As long as the soil drains well, your […]

how to identify medicinal aloe vera plant

How to Identify Medicinal Aloe Vera Plant

There are nearly 600 types of aloe vera growing around the world. While they are all beautiful, there are also several poisonous varieties. So before you pull off a leaf and rub it on your skin, be sure that it is the safe species of aloe vera. True aloe vera […]

how long does it take for cactus to grow

How Long Does It Take For Cactus To Grow?

Most people buy their cactus plants from a small size because growing one from seed takes quite a long time. Even once it has sprouted, when growing a cactus, you will need a bit of patience. A cactus typically takes 6-12 months to become the size of a large marble […]

why is my aloe plant drooping

Why is My Aloe Plant Drooping? [12 Reasons & Fixes!]

Aloes make excellent houseplants because they are generally very forgiving. Aloes do not need a lot of water and only need moderate light. Despite their hardiness though, sometimes they start drooping. Aloes can droop when they have inadequate sunlight, water, temperature, or a bad container. Drooping aloe may also be […]

Do You Water Aloe Vera From Top or Bottom? [Key Tip!]

Stop asking how often do you water aloe vera and start asking how to best water aloe vera. These succulents are known to be resilient and ideal for first-time plant parents but I’m won’t let you completely off the hook. There is a technique to watering aloe vera plants. Whenever […]

how long do cucumbers take to grow

How Long do Cucumbers Take to Grow?

When planting from seeds, it takes 50-70 days before a cucumber plant produces fruit that is ready for picking. Germination of the seeds takes 3-10 days and after flowering, the cucumber is ripe in about 10 days. Understanding the cucumber plant stages will help you better understand its growth timeline, […]