Does Prodiamine Need to Be Watered In? [Explained]

does prodiamine need to be watered in

Prodiamine is a pre-emergent herbicide used on lawns that needs to be watered in. However, too wet soil or a rain shower can wash away some of the chemicals making it less effective. The recommended level of water is 0.5 inches but spread over 2 days or more, so does prodiamine need to be watered in? Yes.

Learn more about this pre-emergent herbicide, what it is useful for and how to get the best results for your lawn using prodiamine.

What Is Prodiamine and What are Pre-Emergents?

Prodiamine is a herbicide generally used to manage weeds on lawns, similar to pendimethalin.

This herbicide acts as a pre-emergent meaning that it only works in preventing weeds from growing. Prodiamine is not effective in getting rid of existing weeds.

This combination of chemicals is sold as granules. These granules must be dissolved in water before application on your lawn.

When to Apply Prodiamine

Since Prodiamine is a pre-emergent, it must be applied before weeds start germinating. This is difficult to see with the naked eye so you have to do some research on when different types of weeds start germinating in your area.

Climate is the biggest factor in when weeds begin germinating in the different states. Ask the experts at your local garden center when it is the best time to apply prodiamine or ask some friends that have used the herbicide before.

It is important that it stays dry after you have applied the herbicide. If there is a rain shower soon after you’ve applied the herbicide some of it will wash away and so be less effective.

On the other hand, too dry conditions also prevents the herbicide from manifesting. That is why in the first 2 days after application you should water your lawn lightly. The recommended water level is 0.5 inches within 48 hours.

How to Apply Prodiamine

Applying prodiamine requires a few calculations. You need to know the following numbers:

  • Size of your lawn
  • The recommended dose for that size
  • How much water is needed to evenly cover your lawn

Below is a quick step-by-step guide on how to apply prodiamine.

  1. Verify when it is the best time to apply a pre-emergent herbicide to your lawn.
  2. Measure the surface area of your lawn. Note this number down.
  3. Check the appropriate dose of prodiamine for the size of your lawn. This is usually found on the product label.
  4. Fill up your sprayer with just water and start spraying your lawn with it. Take note of how much water you need to evenly spread the water across your lawn.
  5. Take the volume of water from step 4 and add the recommended dose of prodiamine. Now you can begin applying the herbicide.
  6. Water your lawn to meet the recommended 0.5 inches of water but do so gradually over a period of 48 hours.
  7. Do not touch your lawn during the first 14 days. Anything you do to the soil may prevent the prodiamine from properly spreading through the soil.

Common Mistakes When Using Prodiamine

The main reasons why prodiamine doesn’t work are usually the same reasons why other pre-emergents don’t work. Here are a few examples of common mistakes when using prodiamine.

Using Less than the Recommended Dose

Applying a smaller dose won’t save you any money. The prodiamine won’t be effective meaning that you have to add more herbicide anyway.

Not Evenly Spreading the Herbicide

You want the prodiamine to sink into the soil evenly for the best protection against weeds. If an area is not covered by the prodiamine there might still be weeds germinating there.

Applying a Pre-Emergent Too Late

As mentioned, pre-emergents are only effective in preventing weeds from growing. Once weeds have germinated it won’t have any effect.

Prodiamine Doesn’t Kill that Specific Weed Species

Although prodiamine is effective on a wide range of pests, it does not kill all kinds of weeds. Make sure to check the label for which weeds it can prevent before buying.

Overwatering or Rain Soon After

Prodiamine can wash away if there is too much water after it has been applied. Although it helps to water it in, making your lawn too wet also stops the herbicide from spreading through the soil.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can You Apply Prodiamine to Wet Grass?

If the grass is only a little wet it won’t reduce the effectiveness of the prodiamine. However, if the soil is too saturated with water the prodiamine won’t be able to sink through properly. Find a happy medium.

Will Rain Wash Away Pre-Emergents?

Yes, rain can wash away pre-emergents so make sure the herbicide has had enough time to sink in before the next rain shower.

How Long Does Prodiamine Last?

It is difficult to determine exactly how long prodiamine lasts. However, pre-emergents in general are effective for many months. When applied with the proper technique some may last up to 6 months or even longer.

before and after pre emergent

Prodiamine is a very effective pre-emergent herbicide but only if you know how to apply it properly. It should be diluted in a volume of water that is sufficient for an even spread over the lawn. Prodiamine needs to be watered in but make sure the lawn doesn’t get too saturated with water, 0.5 inches spread over a few days is recommended.

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