how long do cucumbers take to grow

How Long do Cucumbers Take to Grow?

When planting from seeds, it takes 50-70 days before a cucumber plant produces fruit that is ready for picking. Germination of the seeds takes 3-10 days and after flowering, the cucumber is ripe in about 10 days. Understanding the cucumber plant stages will help you better understand its growth timeline, […]

why are my cucumbers bitter

Why Are My Cucumbers Bitter? [Poor Growing Conditions?]

Bitter tasting cucumbers can be caused by infavorable growing conditions such as not enough sunlight, inconsistent water levels, too high temperatures or insufficient soil nutrients. The bitterness comes from the compound cucurbitacin entering the cucumber fruit. The last thing you want to discover at the end of the cucumber growing […]

why are there yellow spots on cucumber leaves

Why Are There Yellow Spots on Cucumber Leaves?

Yellow spots on cucumber leaves can be a sign of plant disease but it can also indicate less than ideal growing conditions. Find out the cause of yellowing leaves and treat accordingly. Cucumber plants should be a bright medium to dark green throughout their growing season. The only thing you […]

why are my cucumbers white

Why Are My Cucumbers White? [Causes & Fixes]

Cucumbers can turn white when infected with powdery mildew, are overwatered or suffer from blanching. Any time a green variety cucumber turns white, it isn’t growing healthily. There are white cucumber varieties available but you would have noticed when you bought the seed packet. Whenever any plant turns a color […]

how much sun do cucumbers need

How Much Sun Do Cucumbers Need?

Cucumbers grow best in full sun and warm temperatures between 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideally, they get 6 hours of sunlight every day. The phrase cool as a cucumber doesn’t really apply to growing cucumber plants. Its growing season is in late spring and summer and it is one of the […]

why are my cucumbers yellow

Why Are My Cucumbers Yellow? [The 4 Likely Causes]

Cucumbers turning yellow is a sign that they are either over ripe, over watered, lacking nutrients or diseased. Unless they are a yellow variety, yellowing cucumbers are no longer safe to eat. You won’t find a yellow cucumber in the supermarket and there is good reason why. They taste bitter […]

when should you start cucumber seeds indoors

When Should You Start Cucumber Seeds Indoors?

April is the best time to start cucumber seeds indoors. This gives the warm weather plant enough time to soak up the spring and summer sun. They can then be transferred to a (raised) garden bed in mid-May or kept in planter in a sunny spot. Cucumbers do very poorly […]