How To Store Your Weed Eater, Safely!

how to store weed eater

How to store your weed eater? Well, when it comes down to storing your weed eater, you’ve got two options. Hanging it on a wall or laying it flat on the floor of your garage or shed. The best way to store your weed eater is to hang it, it’s safely out the way and won’t collect any debris or rubbish that may be on the floor.

However, there are a couple of nuisances to be aware of should you have an electric or gas-powered weed eater, and a few additional rules to go by when storing your equipment.

Gas-Powered Weed Eater

As we’ve already stated, you’ll ideally want to hang your weed eater on the wall, this is primarily for safety and for keeping a nice and tidy workshop!

However, it’s not all about vanity, it’s best practice to hang it for a reason.

Gas-powered weed eaters run on, you guessed it, gasoline. This means there’s an engine, carburetor and air filters, its important not leave your weed eater on it’s side as you could accidentally flood the engine or cause internal damage.

To avoid any potential engine issues, hanging it on the wall, by the engine will keep your weed eater safe and well maintained.

Electric Weed Eater

Storing an electric weed eater is identical to that of a gas-powered one, the only difference is there’s no gasoline, it uses a battery instead.

The only important thing to remember is to remove the battery before you store the weed eater. As with any electronic device that uses a battery, if you leave the battery plugged in it will deteriorate over time.

weed eater

Storing Your Weed Eater for the Winter

When it comes to storing your weed eater away for the winter, there are a few extra steps you should follow to ensure it’s firing on all cylinders.

  • Gasoline deteriorates very quickly and leaving any in your weed eater for the winter would be a waste. It’s important to preserve as much as you can, to do this you simply need to empty the gas tank into a smaller gas can, for easy storage, getting a bonfire going or anything else you may want it for!
  • Next, there will still be gas in the carburetor that needs to be removed. To burn this away, simply start the engine and leave the weed eater running until it runs out, this will ensure there’s no gas in there and we can move to the next step.
  • Finally, cleaning and maintenance. We recommend using a brake parts cleaner to get into all the nooks and cranny’s and get the grime out that’s built up over the summer months. Make sure you remove the plastic covering and really get in there.

That’s it, really easy, you can now store away your weed eater for the winter.

Storage Solutions

There’s plenty of ways to store your weed eater but the most common tend to be either brackets, hooks or shelving.

Brackets & Hooks

Keeping things nice and easy, you can buy brackets from Amazon that’ll do the job. The only thing to be aware of is to ensure you have enough space in your garage or shed, and to hang the bracket high enough so it doesn’t get in the way – and out the reach of children.

I’d go for these storage hooks, incredibly sturdy and great for hanging your weed eater.

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Shelving rack

The other option is shelving, you can either purchase shelves and put them up or you can make the shelf yourself.

To make it yourself, all you need is a piece of plywood, measure the space you’d like it go in and use a saw to create indents to hang your weed eater and other garden tools (see below).

custom weed eater rack

Creating your own racking is really satisfying and the best thing is, it’s custom to you and your set of tools, you can create as much storage as you need without paying for expensive pre-made shelves!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it OK to hang a weed eater vertically?

Yes, you can a hand weed eater vertically. Vertically storing your weed eater, and other yard equipment for that matter is a great space saver, be sure to invest in a commercial wall hanger.

Should You Hang Weed Eater Engine Up or Down?

It is generally best to hang a weed eater engine at the top when storing for long periods of time. This allows any condensation that may have accumulated in the engine over time to escape, rather than pooling and potentially causing damage.

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