Amazing Backyard Pool Ideas On A Budget!

backyard pool ideas on a budget

So, you’ve decided that you want to install a backyard pool. However, you have a limited budget and need to create the kind of pool that will work well with your family but also one that fits well within what you want to spend, my backyard pool ideas on a budget are going to be great for you!

There are many ways that you can still have that lovely backyard pool without breaking your budget. The main thing that you want to do is to plan really well and consider all of the available options. This way, you’ll be able to make the right choice and keep the family happy right throughout summer.

Let’s delve into the many different options that you can choose from to create the perfect pool oasis for your own backyard.

Do You Choose An In-Ground Or Above-Ground Pool?

While an in-ground pool may look fantastic and be relatively easy to maintain, it does not suit all backyards. For example, if you have a sloping yard or your ground is filled with rocks and large boulders, trying to install an in-ground pool could be quite difficult and definitely blow out your budget.

For this reason, you might be better off considering an above-ground pool instead. These days, there are plenty of above-ground fibreglass pools in different shapes and sizes that will be ideal for your particular situation.

Some of these are specifically designed for sloping yards. Plus, they’re strong and durable and can be placed on almost any surface. One of these might just be your perfect option and save you some money in the long run.

Why Not Consider A Partially In-Ground Pool

Another thing to consider is installing a pool that sits partially in the ground and partially above the ground. This is one of the best budget options to creating the perfect pool oasis in your yard.

With this type of pool design, your fibreglass pool is partially buried in the ground and then decking is installed around the pool in either a single layer or as a tier with a couple of different steppable levels. Timber decking usually works quite well for this and is relatively inexpensive. Make sure that you treat the decking with the appropriate decking oil or stain to ensure that it weathers well.

This type of installation saves on excavation costs but still allows to create the perfect outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment.

Plus, as an added advantage, the decking adds an extended seating area that’s perfect for taking in a bit of sunshine or relaxing after a hard day’s work. In addition, you can soften it up a bit with some large pots filled with greenery.

Where Do You Want Your Pool To Sit?

Another part of the planning process is deciding where you should position your pool. Do you want it close to the house or further back in your yard? Do you have a separate corner in your yard that would be ideal for the pool where you could also incorporate an outdoor gazebo into the overall design?

When considering where to place your pool, take into account how difficult access might be for the pool installers as this could add to the overall cost. Many times, if access is limited, fibreglass pools will need to lifted into place using a crane and this could get quite costly.

Do You Want A Lap Pool Or A Plunge Pool?

The next part of the planning process involves thinking about what you want to do in your pool. If you want to improve your fitness, then a lap pool would be ideal. This type of pool will allow you and your family to exercise on a daily basis and even improve your swimming style.

Lap pools are usually long and narrow. This makes them ideal for areas that are not quite large enough for a standard pool.

On the other hand, you might just want a pool to relax in during those hot days of summer. For this purpose, a plunge pool might just do the trick. A plunge pool is generally smaller in size but deeper than a lap pool. It’s also the perfect choice if you only have a small yard or a limited spot that would be suitable for a pool.

With a plunge pool, it’s also possible to add water jets so that you can erase the pressures of the day with a relaxing soak and a cool drink after work.

A Swim Spa Is Another Option

In general, a swim spa is a cross between a pool and a spa. They are usually around 16 feet long and around 8 feet wide. This means that they’re large enough to swim a few laps but not too large to fit into a small backyard.

This type of pool also costs less to run which is even better for your budget.

Don’t Forget To Do Your Due Diligence

The last part of the planning process involves during some due diligence by contacting your local council to see what the regulations are in regard to pools in your area. You also want to get a site map so that you can identify where the drainage pipes and other underground services run through your property.

Knowing all of these important things beforehand will ensure that your budget is not completely blown out of the water by unexpected issues or problems.

Have A Look At What’s Available

At this stage, you probably want to visit a few pool companies to check out their display area. This will give you a good idea of what’s available and a rough estimate of costs for each type of pool that the company sells and installs.

You might even want to discuss your needs with a pool installer who could come out to your home and give you a few options that would work well within your yard.

Add Some Pizzazz With Clever Lighting

Once you’ve decided on the pool that you want and you’ve had it installed, it’s time to jazz it up a little with some clever accessories. This will help you to create the oasis that you originally had in mind.

One way to add some style to your pool is with clever lighting. This is also ideal if you’re planning to use the pool at night and adds a level of safety as well.

Flush mounted LED lighting around your pool is a good idea and also energy efficient. These lights can be installed either into the walls or steps of your pool and will last a long time. You can even get color changing lights to really bring your pool area to life.

Of course, you’ll need the help of a licensed electrician to install them.

For a more budget wise option, you could consider solar lights instead. These are ideal if your pool is in the sun all day. There are many options available. You can get solar lights that are on stakes that you just push into the ground around the pool or ones with adhesive backing that you can attached to the decking around the pool.

Low-Cost Landscaping

Of course, a backyard pool is not complete without some lush greenery. For this, you could surround your pool with some large shrubs or small trees in decorative pots. Make sure that the plants you choose don’t drop too many leaves that end up in the pool. You don’t want to spend the whole day fishing them out.

Consider plants such as small palms, cordylines, agaves and other succulents. All of these are relatively low-maintenance and will add a tropical feel to your pool area.

While you’re at it, add to the tropical feel by strategically placing some large rocks around the outer perimeter of your pool. You can actually purchased fairly lightweight manufactured rocks for this purpose that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Don’t Forget The Seating

There’s no point in having a fabulous pool area in your yard if there’s nowhere for you to sit and enjoy it. Make sure that you add some comfortable seating around the pool and don’t forget the deck chairs or sun lounges.

Different types of pool seating can be purchased fairly inexpensively at garden centers and major hardware outlets.

Final Thoughts

If you’re longing for a backyard pool but have a limited budget, there are plenty of different budget-friendly options to consider. You could consider a plunge pool if you only have a small backyard or even just a courtyard.

Alternatively, a lap pool is great for long, narrow spaces that would otherwise be too small for a regular sized pool. You can also choose from either having an in-ground or an above-ground pool. Or, you could have one that is partially in-ground with some interesting decking to finish it off.

Even if you decide on a smaller pool, you can always jazz it up with some clever lighting, impressive plantings and comfortable seating to create the kind of backyard oasis that you’ve always dreamed of.

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